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New Jersey woman killed in car crash

Weather conditions can have a large impact on driving conditions throughout the country. Maintaining a proper speed, appropriate distance and establishing control over a vehicle are obligations for drivers. In an accident, other drivers may be liable for damages if they don't adhere to basic principles of safety during poor weather. If an accident is the result of someone acting negligently, victims may have an opportunity to receive financial compensation for the car accident and any necessary medical treatments.

Near Morgantown, a motorist was struck and killed by a driver recently. Around 50 cars behind the accident were involved in a chain of fender benders. A storm brought large amounts of snow to the region that hampered driving conditions. The turnpike was especially bad, with at least 25 crashes on December 8. Accidents caused closures in westbound lanes for seven hours. Traffic on Interstate 95 around Philadelphia was very slow due to weather and accidents.

When weather conditions are poor, drivers have a responsibility to be cautious on the roads. Most accidents have a clear degree of who is at fault. But sometimes liability is difficult to determine and insurance companies may deny claims that are valid because they want to minimize their costs.

Snowy conditions make roads slippery and difficult to drive on. But, every driver has a responsibility to abide by speed limits, obey traffic signs and maintain awareness of other drivers. If they disregard basic levels of safety, they may be liable for damages resulting from a crash.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "1 dead in snowy turnpike crash, roadway reopens," Dec. 8, 2013

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