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Blood pump controller malfunctions

Some New Jersey residents may be among those affected by issues with the HeartMate II LVAS Pocket System Controller. After reports of 26 deaths and 19 injuries, the Thoratec Corporation and Abbott Laboratories are recalling the device. Almost 29,000 devices have been removed from the market in what the Food and Drug Administration has classified as the most serious kind of recall.

Unproven risks and the changing legal landscape

When manufacturers bring products to the market that are potentially dangerous, consumers in New Jersey and elsewhere across the country may find themselves at risk. However, there are those who question whether the exposure of theoretical or speculative hazards to the public is beneficial. Case results suggest that in spite of opposing sentiment, failure to warn consumers of a possible safety hazard could leave companies and their insurers open to significant legal risk, even if the danger has not yet been scientifically confirmed.

Determining liability for injuries caused by faulty gym equipment

Many New Jersey residents utilize local gyms to stay in shape. When they do so, gym members expect the equipment to be properly maintained and safe to use. However, a defective or improperly maintained piece of gym equipment can cause serious injuries. While gyms do have a duty to keep patrons and visitors safe, lawsuits involving gym equipment can be complicated.

The rise in children's products recalls

New Jersey parents should be aware that there was an increase in the number of recalled children's products in 2016. According to a recent report by nonprofit group Kids in Danger, the number was the highest since 2001, with the exception of 2004 when there was a recall of 150 million vending machine toys.

FDA reports nine deaths, rare cancer linked to breast implants

New Jersey women may be surprised to learn that at least nine women have died from a rare cancer linked to breast implants, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The cancer, known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma, attacks cells that are present in the immune system and is not considered breast cancer.

Nursery products injure about 66,000 infants each year

New Jersey parents may be familiar with a study conducted by Nationwide Children's hospital that showed how nursery-related items are becoming more dangerous to infants. The study found that more than 66,000 children ages three and under visit emergency rooms yearly for injuries they incurred from accidents involving nursery-related products.

Nearly 3 million Samsung washing machines recalled

New Jersey residents with Samsung washing machines may want to check whether their machines are involved in a November recall. Samsung US has recalled 2.8 million of them over injury concerns. The top-loading washing machines were manufactured beginning in March 2011. Consumers who would like to view a full list of the recalled washing machine models can go to the company's website.

Homeopathic tablets for teething may cause illness or death

New Jersey parents of newborns and toddlers may want to know about a warning given by the Food and Drug Administration to Hyland, a manufacturer of teething tablets that are homeopathic. The FDA is reportedly investigating the deaths of 10 children and adverse events that may be due to the use of the teething tablets.