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Dangers and risks of spiked wheel ornaments

Many New Jersey drivers have probably noticed at least one big rig or tractor trailer sporting spiked wheel ornaments. These ornaments have received critical attention due to their connection with accident injuries and accident risks. Trucking companies, truck drivers and the government are taking notice.

Inspection blitz finds trucks with brake violations

Some New Jersey truck drivers might have been among those whose vehicles were inspected on May 3 during an unannounced Brake Safety Day conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The inspections took place in 10 Canadian provinces and 33 states, and more than 9,500 inspections occurred. Almost 2,000 trucks were taken out of service, and more than 1,100 of those were for brake violations.

Poor truck driver health linked to higher accident rates

Maintaining good health can be difficult for truck drivers in New Jersey and around the country. Spending most of the working day sitting behind the wheel of a semi-tractor trailer does not provide the body with much in the way of exercise, and many of the dishes offered at truck stops are not generally known for their nutritional value. The U.S. Department of Transportation assessed the health of the nation's long-haul truck drivers in 2014, and it found that commercial vehicle operators are more than twice as likely to be overweight, diabetic and cigarette smokers.

An increase in fatal truck accidents

The number of buses and large trucks involved in fatal collisions in New Jersey and around the country has been increasing steadily, and 2015 was particularly deadly according to figures from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration. The agency has reported that 4,311 commercial large and buses were involved in fatal accidents in 2015, which represents an 8 percent year-over-year increase. The rate at which those vehicles were involved in deadly crashes per 100 million miles traveled also increased from 1.34 to 1.45 according to the report.

Self-driving trucks: A new day for technology and personal injury

New Jersey highways are some of the most congested on the East Coast, laden with trucks and trailers pulling all forms of cargo to and from ports, farms, warehouses and retailers. Drivers may soon have to contend with a new type of truck, one that is autonomous.

Truck drivers face increased risk of load securement penalties

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be repeating its annual inspection blitz during three days in June in 2017. For 72 hours, CVSA members across North America will conduct as many safety inspections on as many commercial vehicles as they can.

Company successfully tests autonomous truck on 140-mile trip

Technology companies hope to someday automate commercial vehicles that travel the highways in New Jersey and nationwide. One California company is developing a remote control system that will allow operators to navigate trucks to their delivery destinations. The system transmits data collected with cameras and radar on a truck to an operations center where a person can drive the vehicle.

Truck driver training rule delayed by Trump order

New Jersey residents who are just receiving their commercial driver's licenses will not have to comply with a new entry-level driver training rule. A memorandum that was issued by President Trump on Jan. 20 delayed the implementation of new rules that were written by the Obama administration. The Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Vehicle Operators was scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 6, but it has been pushed back to March 21.

NHTSA proposes systems that would prevent cell phone use

New Jersey roadways might become safer if some new proposed recommendations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are implemented. The proposals are not mandatory, but they could help to reduce the risk of accidents caused by drivers who are distracted by their cell phones.

OSHA investigation reveals chronic unsafe conditions

New Jersey residents who believe that their bosses follow safety regulations may be interested to hear about a case reported by the U.S. Department of Labor in December. The incident involved Central Transport LLC, a shipping company that was investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for flagrantly violating accepted safety standards and placing workers at serious risk.

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