Understanding DUI In New Jersey

New Jersey DUI laws are unusually severe, and a conviction can have a long- term and negative impact on your life. Our defense lawyers here at Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, offer strong representation to clients charged with alcohol-related offenses in Newton.

Q. Can An Officer Pull Me Over Without A Reason?

A. No. The officer is required to show that you were engaged in behavior that justified the traffic stop. This may include speeding, failing to signal or running a red light. The officer can also stop you if you demonstrate actions that are associated with suspected intoxication, such as weaving across lanes or driving significantly slower than the speed limit. Driving with expired tags or burned-out lights is another way to attract unwanted attention from an officer.

Q. Do I Have To Submit To A Breath Test?

A. Yes. According to the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, all drivers suspected of DUI must submit to a breath test. Receiving a New Jersey driver's license implies that you will consent to this test when law enforcement officers demand it. If you refuse the test, you can lose your driving privileges and you will be brought to a nearby hospital for a blood test.

Q. Can I Question The Results Of My Breath Test?

A. Absolutely. Many factors can influence the results of a breath test. These include recent exercise, a diagnosis of diabetes, outside temperatures, exposure to certain chemicals and how the machine itself was calibrated.

Q. What Are The Penalties For A DUI Conviction?

A. Potential penalties for a DUI conviction in New Jersey include fines, license suspension, community service, a mandatory ignition interlock and jail time. You may also face higher insurance rates and difficulty finding or keeping a job in some industries.

Q. Are Penalties More Severe For Repeat Offenses?

A. Yes. Fines, suspensions and possible jail sentences may double after a second or third DUI arrest and conviction. According to New Jersey law, any additional DUI within a certain number of years counts as a repeat offense.

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