Sussex County Severance Agreement Lawyers

Consulting an experienced, specialized lawyer about a severance agreement is good business whether you are an employee or an employer. Legal analysis of a severance agreement may reveal liabilities or opportunities of which you were not fully aware.

Our attorneys are shrewd negotiators, seasoned litigators and committed advocates on behalf of our clients. We help employers sculpt severance plans and develop policies that can help them avoid disputes and litigation, and we help employees thoroughly analyze agreements, ensuring that the terms are favorable and the compensation is adequate.

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Severance Agreements For Employees

If you have received an initial severance offer, are facing a layoff, or are considering a severance package after being asked to leave your position for any other reason, you should seek legal counsel from a specialized employment attorney. Your severance pay will be your livelihood, and it should be negotiated by an employment attorney who is working in your best interests only.

Our law firm has been representing employees' rights and interests for decades, and we have helped to cost-effectively resolve disputes throughout New Jersey. Through agreement analysis, negotiation and litigation, in the event of a breach of contract or other dispute, we are in your corner. Do not sign an agreement without speaking with an attorney. You will lose your right to legal action.

Severance Agreements For Employers

Executives, experienced salespeople, managers and other higher earning employees will almost always negotiate severance agreements. Some of them may even have legitimate claims of employment law violations that could be damaging to the company. Resolving claims and other disputes quickly and effectively is a must.

We provide employers throughout New Jersey with contract review, drafting, negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution services. Additionally, we can help build a formal severance package policy that helps you prevent disputes with terminated employees and limit liabilities.

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