Termination And Modification

Alimony Modification Attorneys

After a divorce has been finalized, your circumstances may change. Your ex-spouse may be cohabitating or you may no longer be able to meet your needs because your financial circumstances have changed. It is oftentimes difficult to convince a judge that he or she should modify an alimony order. At the law offices of Morris, Downing & Sherred, our alimony attorneys can guide you through the requirements for bringing or responding to a request to modify or terminate alimony.

When Can Alimony Be Modified?

Absent any restrictions in your marital settlement agreement, alimony modifications may be requested at any time. Our lawyers are experienced in assessing these changes to determine the best course of action for you.

Modification of an alimony obligation requires a permanent and substantial change in circumstances. A decrease or increase in income, a change in the health of a party, disability, and remarriage are examples of changes in circumstances that may warrant an alimony modification.

Under current New Jersey law, it is necessary for you to demonstrate with credible evidence the specific facts that warrant the permanent and substantial change in circumstances. Our attorneys are familiar with this law, and stay current with the recent changes to this constantly evolving field of family law, and they can work with you to find out how it applies to you.

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