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You may be going through a divorce, but you never stop being a parent. Developing a child custody and visitation plan that protects your parental rights and works for your kids is the first step for your family moving forward after a divorce. At the law offices of Morris, Downing & Sherred, our Sparta child custody attorneys can help you create a plan that works for you and your children. With more than a century of experience protecting New Jersey families, we understand the challenges you face.

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By law, courts in New Jersey have a preference for awarding joint legal custody. In most cases, this means that even though you are divorced, you and your former spouse will continue to work together to make important decisions for your children regarding school, religion and health care. If you want to deviate from this standard, you can expect to be entangled in a full-blown custody trial.

In the majority of cases, a custody trial is not necessary because the parents are allowed to agree on a custody arrangement that makes sense based on their work schedules and the ages of the children. However, we understand that every family faces unique challenges, and our first goal is to help you do what is best for your kids. If your spouse is abusive or there is some other factor that makes it imperative that you fight for sole custody, our lawyers will protect you in court.

Your Child Custody And Visitation Plan

Legal custody is only part of your overall parenting plan. You will also need to resolve the issue of physical custody. This aspect of custody is often confusing because in New Jersey you can have joint legal custody along with sole physical custody. Sole physical custody does not mean that the noncustodial parent does not have visitation rights. Rather, it means that the amount of visitation does not meet the requirements for calling the visitation plan joint physical custody, which is also referred to as shared parenting.

If you or your co-parent is interested in relocating, that will have a major impact on your child custody plan. We can help you navigate that challenge and protect your parental rights.

Regardless of the physical custody outcome in your case, we will help you create a visitation and shared parenting plan tailored to your needs. We will also take into consideration how your physical custody arrangement will impact the amount of child support you receive or that you are required to pay.

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Whether you are an unmarried parent or you are going through a divorce, you want a child custody plan that allows you to be there for your kids. From our offices in Newton, our Morris County child custody lawyers are ready to help. Call 973-383-2700 or contact us online today to schedule a confidential consultation and learn more.