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Children benefit from having contact with loving and caring grandparents. Research has shown that each generation contributes positive influences on children in different ways. Many children who grow up never knowing or spending time with their grandparents feel like they have missed out on something inexplicable. They have not benefited from a grandparent's unconditional love and unique contributions such as connection to past generations and respect for elders in the community.

When parents with minor children get divorced or separated, grandparents' interests concerning their grandchildren are often left out of the equation. The fact is that grandparents' rights under the law are limited in New Jersey and every other state, except for in extreme situations. As a grandparent, your visitation rights with your grandchildren are not guaranteed.

When And How Are Grandparents' Rights Protected In New Jersey?

Protecting your rights as a grandparent is a complicated process. It is important to seek legal counsel from an experienced and accomplished family law attorney as soon as possible. If a child is in danger or if one of the child's parents is moving out of state with the child, legal advocacy for your rights must begin quickly and in earnest.

There is a high burden of proof that rests solely with the petitioning grandparent(s). The law is worded in a way that compels the court to be biased toward protecting parental rights over grandparents' rights. In many cases, we have to prove that the involvement of grandparents is necessary for a child's safety, and the court will always consider how grandparent visitation will affect the parent-child relationship and any pre-existing visitation schedule.

At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, we are experienced in cases involving:

  • Divorce and grandparent alienation
  • Custody disputes
  • Incompetent, incarcerated, neglectful or abusive parents
  • Parents with substance abuse problems
  • Grandparents who have served as full-time caretakers for grandchildren for a substantial amount of time
  • Parental relocation

Based in Newton, our grandparents' rights lawyers offer counsel and representation to clients in Sussex County and throughout North Jersey. Our lawyers have decades of experience in all aspects of family law, and our firm provides each of our clients with top-tier, customized representation.

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