Visitation And Shared Parenting

Visitation And Shared Parenting — Protect Your Rights

If you are divorcing or separating with children, you face a number of critical legal issues. You will always be there for your children, but how much time will you get to spend with them once your divorce has been made final? Where will they live? Where will they spend their weekends and holidays? If you are facing questions like these, the knowledgeable visitation and shared parenting attorneys at Morris, Downing & Sherred are here to help.

Holiday Schedule And Shared Parenting

One of the major concerns for divorcing mothers and fathers is the prospect of losing time with their children. Ideally, a custody schedule can be set up that will preserve the precious bond both parents have developed with their children, while protecting the best interests of the children as well. In most situations, a parenting time schedule that allows for shared parenting can be established. Under New Jersey law, shared parenting means that the noncustodial parent must have a minimum of 104 overnights per year. This type of shared parenting schedule can be composed of many different arrangements. For example, it can be an equal amount of time between the parents, or it can be a shared schedule, but not necessarily equal time. Sometimes, it is alternating weekends and one evening period during the week. There are some cases where the parents seek to have joint physical custody, and there is no designation of a primary parent.

Developing Your Parenting Plan

The first step in charting out a successful holiday schedule is to remove yourself from the emotion of the divorce itself and to consider the needs of your children in spending time with both of their parents. Compromise is always necessary and positive. In some occasions, it may be appropriate to share alternate years with your children at the holidays. Other times, an actual split of the time each year makes the most sense. Old traditions are most likely going to need to be replaced with new ones in order to avoid anxiety and confusion. In the end, it is almost always in your child's best interest to spend quality time with both parents.

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