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In New Jersey, there is no fixed age for determining when a child is emancipated. The law asks whether the child has moved beyond the influence and responsibility exercised by a parent and obtains an independent status of his or her own. This inquiry is always made on an individual and case-by-case basis. At the law offices of Morris, Downing & Sherred, our child support attorneys can help you understand the New Jersey requirements for emancipation.

When Does Child Support End?

Most emancipation questions are really about determining when the legal obligation to pay child support ends. Although there is no magic formula, there are several factors considered by courts when making that decision. First, of course, is the age of the child. When a child turns 18, he or she may be emancipated, but there are numerous other factors that may lead the courts to decide that emancipation has not occurred, and may not for several more years. Such factors include:

  • Does your child have special needs
  • Has your child graduated from high school or obtained a GED
  • Is your child attending college full time
  • Where is your child currently living
  • Does your child work full time

Of course, if your child has entered the armed forces or has gotten married, then he or she has moved beyond the influence of the parent and absent extraordinary circumstances will be deemed emancipated. Many marital settlement agreements contain a specific provision for determining when emancipation occurs. The attorneys at Morris, Downing & Sherred can help you determine if your child should be emancipated, and can present your case and the appropriate factors to the court.

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