High Net Worth And Complex Property Division

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In any divorce, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement on the equitable distribution of marital property, then a judge will hear evidence in a divorce trial and issue an order regarding the division of marital property. In most cases, including marriages involving complex asset structures and real estate holdings, a negotiated settlement will provide a better outcome than a decision by a judge at trial. At Morris, Downing & Sherred, our  attorneys provide knowledgeable and confident legal representation to high net worth individuals involved in divorces with complex issues of property division.

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Creating an equitable property division settlement requires finding answers to such complex questions as the original source of each asset, the extent to which the asset appreciated or depreciated in value during the course of the marriage, and the extent of joint ownership of any closely held or family-owned business. At Morris, Downing & Sherred, one of our first steps in a high net worth divorce case involving complex property division questions is to ask one of the forensic accountants we work with to conduct a thorough investigation into the spouses' assets and the financial history of the marriage.

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The division of marital property in a high net worth divorce can get very complicated. Whether you want to negotiate a fair settlement or protect your rights in court, you want an advocate working for you. Contact us at our Newton offices today or call us at 973-383-2700 to schedule a confidential consultation and learn more about how our Sussex County lawyers can help you.