Failure To Properly Diagnose

The trust you place in a doctor is shattered when mistakes and errors are uncovered. The attorneys at the Sussex County law firm of Morris, Downing & Sherred, provide experienced guidance and representation, evening the odds our clients face when failures to properly diagnose or misdiagnoses are uncovered.

Attorneys Experienced In Holding Negligent Medical Professionals Accountable

Timely diagnosis of cancer and other serious illnesses is critical to ensure the health care provider provides timely and correct treatment. Failing to diagnose a patient's condition accurately or providing ineffective, harmful or no treatment can have deadly consequences.

Delaying a diagnosis worsens the condition of patients and limits their options for medical treatment. Left undiagnosed over time can reduce responsiveness to treatment, cause the illness to spread or increase the possibility of recurrences. Misdiagnoses put patients in harm's way when subjected to incorrect and unnecessary treatments.

Like all medical malpractice cases, failure to diagnose/misdiagnoses claims are complex and challenging. Paul Hunczak and our team of New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers combine their experience and knowledge with the insight of independent medical experts. They attend to every detail by analyzing hospital records to identify deviations in the proper standards of care.

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