Sussex County Surgical Error Lawyers

Surgery is not a precise practice in many cases. The reality of surgery is almost "slice and dice." It is imperfect, and errors do occur more often than many people realize. At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, our medical malpractice lawyers are sophisticated prosecutors of surgical error injuries, including wrongful death. When surgeons, anesthesiologists and other members of medical teams depart from the standard of care or make preventable errors, we stand up for the rights of victimized patients.

Based in Newton, we serve clients throughout Sussex County and North Jersey. Our law firm handles all matter of surgical error cases that have resulted in serious injuries to patients such as:

  • Instruments or medical devices left in the body
  • Puncture or perforation of organs
  • Puncture or perforation of major blood vessels or arteries
  • Misread pathology, lab tests or X-rays
  • Removal of incorrect body part
  • Botched amputation
  • Improper monitoring of patient during surgery
  • Anesthesia administration errors
  • Negligence in monitoring and caring for the patient post-surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery errors

Proving Surgical Or Hospital Malpractice

Our attorneys handle challenging cases regularly. We are seasoned litigators who prepare every case for trial, whether trial will eventually be necessary or not. Medical professionals and facilities are notorious, tough defendants because they have a lot to lose: their reputation, license and medical practice.

You have a lot to lose too, and you deserve a full and fair settlement if a surgical mistake or negligence led to serious injury at any point of your medical care. The sooner you consult with one of our attorneys, the more legal options you will have. Our team can get to work investigating your claim, consulting our network of medical experts, establishing the full value of your injuries and damages, and building a strong case for your recovery.

Do NOT let the statute of limitations run out on your claim! Speak with one of our attorneys now. We can maximize the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, long-term care and more.

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