Child Accidents and Injury

As a parent, the safety of your children is always your highest priority. But, you cannot always be with them every moment of the day. It is often necessary to put them under the care of others from time to time.

When those persons fail to adequately supervise your child, resulting in an injury to your child, you may have a claim against that person or entity for your child's injuries. At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, we are committed to protecting children and their parents when such accidents occur.

Hackettstown Negligent Supervision Attorney

Accidents involving children can be tragic with lasting consequences for both the children and their families. These injuries can be the result of accidents on playgrounds, swimming pool accidents, falls, burns and other accidents resulting from negligent supervision.

We carefully evaluate all aspects of these claims, including the wide range of individuals and/or entities that can be held accountable, including schools, camps, bus companies, day cares, latchkey programs and swimming pools, as well as teachers, bus drivers, school workers, baby sitters, day care providers, chaperones, counselors and instructors.

Our lawyers will investigate the circumstances that led to the accident, including the role played by the adult overseeing the activity and the attention that should have been given to your child as a matter of law.

New Jersey And Morristown Child Injury Attorney

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