Morristown Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Inattentive and distracted drivers, poor visibility and driving conditions, all these factors contribute to a high number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents each year. Even with a clearly posted right of way, pedestrians are still often knocked down or struck in crosswalks and sidewalks, suffering serious injuries in accidents that could have easily been prevented.

At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, we are expert in advocating on your behalf in such cases, fighting to make sure you receive just compensation for the injuries you have suffered from the accident.

Morristown Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Most people do not know that if they have been struck by a car, as either a pedestrian or a bicyclist, their motor vehicle insurance offers them coverage. We will guide you through this process, working to get you the benefits you need.

If you are covered by PIP coverage, either through your own coverage or through that of a family member, you may be eligible for benefits following a pedestrian accident if you were struck by a car. This will help to cover medical bills and expenses. We routinely guide clients through the complexities of these forms of coverage.

New Jersey And Hackettstown Bicycle Accident Attorney

Accidents involving bicycles are covered by the same laws as pedestrian accidents.

Our lawyers will collect the accounts of any witnesses who were in the area at the time of the accident, as well as possible surveillance cameras or any other recordings.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents often involve complex liability issues, including determining all of the parties that are at fault in the incident. We are thorough in our evaluation of the accident. These accidents are often difficult to reconstruct. We network with experts to establish what occurred.

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