Sussex County Construction Accident Lawyers

Based in Newton, our law firm is renowned in Sussex County and North Jersey as a full-service firm with lawyers who take their specialties seriously. We understand construction, workers' compensation and personal injury laws thoroughly. All could be factors if you were injured on a construction site or in any work-related accident while employed or under contract with a construction company or general contractor. It sounds complicated, but our lawyers handle issues in these legal areas every day.

What Will Our Law Firm Do For Your Case?

Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, can help if your injury claim has been denied or if payments have been delayed or diminished. We can advocate for your rights and interests if you have just been injured and have questions about your legal options.

Do NOT accept a settlement of any sort without speaking with a highly qualified lawyer. If you are pressured into doing anything related to your injury by your employer or insurer, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

You have a multitude of rights that should be protected but are often not unless professional legal counsel speaks for you.

With our legal counsel and representation, other sources of compensation will most likely be discovered (e.g., a negligent property owner's insurance coverage or a liability claim against a negligent contractor on a job site).

We will be straightforward with you. If you have a case worth pursuing, we will tell you, and we will work to convince you that we are the best attorneys for the job. If you do not have a case with the potential to yield significantly more than workers' compensation benefits, we will tell you.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Your Injury

It is worth consulting an experienced attorney in any injury situation. If your rights under workers' compensation laws need to be protected, we will do so aggressively. There may be a manufacturer or a machinery owner who can be held liable in a construction equipment accident if a modified or defective product on a construction site was the cause of your injury.

Analyzing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance on-site and fully investigating the cause of your injury are paramount to your full and fair recovery. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to construction-related work, you need to consult an accomplished construction injury attorney as soon as possible.

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