Third-Party Claims

When you are injured on the job, you have options for seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, the permanency of your disabilities, and to cover the costly medical expenses that you incur. If fault for the accident lies with either the employer or the employee, these claims will be handled strictly through workers' compensation.

However, in many instances, a third party other than the employer or employee is to blame for an accident. This can be an outside contractor or operator not directly employed by your employer. It can also be a matter of a defective product or negligently maintained equipment.

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At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, we are equipped with the experience and understanding to conduct a prompt and detailed investigation of the matter and hold any additional parties accountable for their role in your injuries.

However, in workers' compensation cases, you are legally prohibited from suing your employer. When third parties are involved, they can be found liable for your accident if they are the cause of it. We will do a thorough analysis of the accident to find whether any third party individuals or companies share in the responsibility for the accident or product liability.

Our lawyers perform a complex analysis of the relative obligations and duties of the parties involved in the work place. Many times, that can involve a company or party not even present at the time of the accident.

We may also find instances where a product manufacturer supplies a defective product or piece of equipment resulting in an injury or perhaps a piece of machinery has been negligently maintained. When that defective product causes the injury, a suit can be brought against that responsible company.

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Our law firm is skilled in evaluating these situations, and we will thoroughly investigate every detail and angle involved in the accident. We have the resources and experience to identify critical aspects in the investigation that will either make or break your case.

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