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The bottom line is that you likely deserve more than workers' compensation insurance initially offers to pay you. In some instances, the insurance provider will minimize the value of your claim. It may deny certain parts of your claim and refuse to pay some of your medical expenses or lost wages. You might have an underlying personal injury claim to go along with your workers' compensation claim.

A third-party personal injury claim can greatly elevate the value of your case. If the negligence of a worker from a different company than your employer's company or a product manufacture was the cause of your workplace accident injury, you might be able to file a separate compensation claim to hold that company accountable for your injury.

Work injury claims can be filed for accidents that happen on-site or off-site as long as you were doing something work-related at the time. Compensation may cover damages and losses such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning power
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emotional distress and psychological damage
  • Long-term care costs
  • Death benefits

Prosecuting Work Injury Claims

At Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, we help injured workers obtain full and fair compensation for lifting and back injury claims, defective product claims, repetitive stress injury claims, fall injury claims, vehicle accident claims, construction accident claims, warehouse accident claims and office worker injury claims.

We handle all types of claims for a diverse clientele throughout New Jersey. Based in Newton, we are well-known for serving Sussex County and North Jersey for over a century. We are a full-service law firm, but our attorneys each have a specialized focus. Our workers' compensation attorneys will lead your case from start to finish. We will independently investigate your claim, communicate with opposing parties and handle all legal aspects of your case.

Call us before the statute of limitations on your case runs out. The sooner you consult our lawyers, the sooner we can help you understand your full legal options, and the sooner we can begin building evidence to support your case for full injury compensation.

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