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March 2013 Archives

New hope for New Jersey residents suffering from paralysis

Those in New Jersey who are suffering from paralysis may be interested to hear about a promising new experimental treatment being overseen by doctors in another state. The hope is that the treatment will be able to reverse the results of a spinal cord injury and may ultimately be able to cure paralysis.

Judge rules Deion Sanders' prenuptial agreement is valid

Readers in the Newton, New Jersey, area have probably heard about former pro football star Deion Sander's marital problems. Since he and his wife announced their divorce, the couple has been arguing over just about everything. Recently, the latest dispute was over their prenuptial agreement. Sanders' ex-wife claimed the agreement was not valid because it was partially forged. The judge, however, disagreed and has upheld the agreement as a valid contract.

Failure to thrive nursing home case prompts wrongful death suit

Anyone with a family member in a nursing home probably expects only the best level of care for their loved one. However, a recent article highlighted a different result in the Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home in another state. The problems in this case have led the family members of a former resident of the nursing home to file a wrongful death lawsuit after their loved one died while under the nursing home's watch.

New Jersey among states with child support laws for casinos

Gamblers in New Jersey may be surprised to find out that when they win big at a casino, they may not be walking away with all of their expected winnings. Due to "casino interception" laws, if gamblers owe any past due child support then the casino may have to withhold the amount they owe from their winnings.

Does lion attack raise safety concerns at New Jersey zoos?

In a story that has attracted considerable national attention, a young lady who had a passion for lions and other big cats died instantly after a lion swiped her with its paw. The young lady had recently graduated with a degree in biology and was spending much of her time volunteering at zoos and other preserves so that she could work with big cats up close.

Divorce could result in substantial tax consequences

As many readers in New Jersey and elsewhere understand, separating from a spouse can be very difficult and stressful. When a couple files for divorce, there are many family and personal issues that must be dealt with. On top of that, there are also several legal issues that need to be addressed. An issue many people would rather not deal with, regardless of marital status, is paying their taxes. Recently divorced couples may be forced to rethink and evaluate their tax returns, and anticipate how the effects of the divorce may affect their filing.

New Jersey apartment fire causes child injury, death

A fire in New Jersey killed a man and a boy living in an apartment building. The fire started in the early morning, and by the time firefighters arrived, the smoke was so thick and the fire so hot that it hindered their efforts to save the people trapped inside.

Lawmakers renew domestic violence bill to curb spousal abuse

Generally, in places like New Jersey and throughout the country, families are who people go to for love and support. The unconditional love many relatives have for each other helps people get through the difficult times in life. Unfortunately, sometimes those difficult times are caused by a family member, such as a spouse. Whether a spouse is a victim of domestic violence, or falsely accused of it, it can be a challenging and stressful time for everyone involved.

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