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April 2013 Archives

New Jersey rear-end collision leaves two in critical condition

Two people driving on the streets of one of New Jersey's cities suffered serious injuries that are potentially life-threatening after being involved in a rear-end car collision involving three vehicles. New Jersey authorities are continuing their investigation and did not immediately issue any citations; therefore, it remains to be seen whether the common wisdom that all rear-end car accidents are the fault of the driver who hit the back of the other car will apply to this case. After all, there may be some situations in which a driver simply does not have enough time to make a sudden stop, even if the driver is maintaining an appropriate following distance.

Mother seeks child support from deceased rapper Nate Dogg

Many parents in New Jersey probably have some arrangements in place so that when they pass away their children will be taken care of. Those who pay child support might think that those payments would end upon their death. Other parents might disagree. This includes the mother of one of deceased rapper Nate Dogg's children, who is now going after his estate in an attempt to collect child support she claims he never paid.

Judge upholds multimillion dollar award against nursing home

A judge in another state has denied a nursing home's request for a new trial following a $91.5 million verdict against it. While the home has promised an appeal, for now the nursing home neglect case will stand as a noteworthy verdict that vindicates the rights of elderly patients to enjoy a reasonable standard of care. The decision may prove helpful to New Jersey families whose loved ones experience the consequences of nursing home negligence.

New Jersey asset management company helps finance divorces

Our New Jersey readers may not know that a new financing industry that has emerged within the legal field. It is called divorce financing, and it aims to give litigants who wouldn't normally be able to pay for their legal fees access to third-party funding. It generally comes into play when the opposing party is very wealthy and can afford to run up legal fees in an attempt to make their opponent give up.

Increase in number of dog bites typical during spring

With the weather warming up, New Jersey pet owners and others may want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. While doing so can be both healthy and fun for people and pets alike, it also can increase the chances of a dog bite.

Parents kidnap kids and sail to Cuba after child custody dispute

After a divorce or separation, it is not uncommon for New Jersey parents to disagree about who should get custody of the children. Most of the time, however, parents can work with their attorneys and the courts in order to resolve their disagreement, and they usually accept the court's decision. Of course, this is not always the case. Recently, while involved in a child custody dispute with grandparents, a husband and wife kidnapped their children and fled to Cuba on a sailboat.

Parents allege police recklessness caused child injury

New Jersey residents who live near the Big Apple may be interested to hear about a lawsuit a family has filed against the police department there. According to the lawsuit, the police needlessly pepper-sprayed a family when the mother supposedly did not pay her fare at a subway stop.

Expert in domestic violence testifies in Arias murder trial

Readers in Newton, New Jersey have probably heard about the Jodi Arias murder trial that is currently taking place. The young woman faces a possible death sentence if she is convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. Recently, a domestic violence expert was called to the stand in an attempt to explain why there is no evidence or witnesses to support the defendant's claims that her boyfriend had been abusing her for months before she killed him.

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