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June 2013 Archives

Tactics when seeking a divorce from a bully

Divorce can be a difficult time in a New Jersey resident's life. When one's spouse is a bully who thrives on control and manipulation, it becomes all the more important to protect oneself during the divorce process. When attempting to obtain a divorce from a bullying spouse, there are several steps that one should consider.

With the 4th approaching, NJ parents should be wary of fireworks

While fireworks are illegal in New Jersey, some residents may choose to travel to other states in order to shoot off firecrackers and enjoy sparklers this Independence Day. Others, whether willfully or out of ignorance of this state's laws, may find fireworks within this state and light them despite New Jersey's laws prohibiting fireworks.

NJ bill would allow police to look at cell phones after accidents

A proposal pending before the New Jersey legislature would allow law enforcement officers investigating a car collision to demand and then inspect the cell phones of the motorists involved in the wreck. While some critics of this measure have raised constitutional concerns, it may mark a good first effort at reducing the number of deaths on the road attributable to behaviors like texting and driving or driving while talking on a cell phone.

Divorce and property division for New Jersey residents

New Jersey residents who are facing divorce likely have many issues that need to be sorted out through the divorce process. Alimony, child support, child custody and housing are just a few. Property division is a challenge in nearly every divorce and care should be taken to understand the laws regarding it during separation proceedings.

Animal bites must be reported in New Jersey

In the warmer summer months, New Jersey residents and their pets are out and about more frequently. Whether it is walks around the neighborhood, a trip to the beach or a hike at a state park, people are coming in contact with unfamiliar dogs and other pets. With this increased exposure, comes an increased risk of animal bites.

Tips for handling a modern-day child custody dispute

New Jersey residents involved in child custody disputes may find that the traditional custody rulings have started to change. Historically, courts would award mothers full custody because mothers typically were the ones staying home and raising the kids. Mothers would receive child support and alimony from their ex-husbands while the ex-husbands would receive a few days of the month to spend with their kids.

New Jersey company helps make nursing homes safer

America is aging -- quickly. As more and more baby boomers are hitting retirement, more people are choosing nursing homes and assisted living facilities to take care of their aging parents and grandparents. With this growing nursing home population comes an increased risk of nursing home neglect. As New Jersey's facilities become more crowded, it may become easier for nursing home residents to fall through the cracks and fall victim to such neglect.

Parent's questionable acts may impact child custody arrangements

Most parents going through child custody disputes hope that the judges hearing their matters see them in the best light possible. In New Jersey, family courts consider the best interests of the children affected by their decisions, and how the children's parents behave can influence who has physical and legal custody of the kids.

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