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November 2013 Archives

Many rabid animal reports in New Jersey for first half of year

In New Jersey, owners are responsible for their animals. Barring an incident involving taunting, hurting or provoking an animal, the owner is financially responsible for the animal's behavior. In the case of a bite, a large dog or other animal can inflict a lot of serious damage on a person or child. An animal attack can be a destructive experience for someone, especially if the animal has a communicable disease like rabies. Compensation is an important way to pay for necessary medical treatment, any long-term care involving therapy and even plastic surgery that may result from animal bites.

New Jersey families can co-parent through difficulties

New Jersey residents know that being a parent is the most challenging job there is. When one is a single parent, the job can be even more difficult. Many family law issues can come into play including child support and child visitation. During parenting conflicts, there are several things a parent should keep in mind.

Dealing with Social Security during a divorce in New Jersey

Divorce and the end of a marriage among senior citizens here in New Jersey has been steadily increasing. Many seniors depend on Social Security benefits to fund part or all of their retirement. When a divorce occurs, many seniors wonder if they will still be able to collect their Social Security benefits. There are several things to think about when considering whether Social Security benefits will be available after a divorce.

Danvers nursing home bought by New Jersey firm

Nursing homes provide a sense of security for loved ones. A certain level of care is expected out of these homes that provide services for the elderly. Nursing homes are increasingly busy as the New Jersey population grows and more people find themselves in need of supportive care. Often nursing homes are located near hospitals to help stop preventable re-admissions of patients after their release from the hospital. Health care costs can increase dramatically for people as they grow older. Some nursing home units are extremely profitable due to efficient care, excellent service and popular demand. It's important for nursing home businesses to understand that they are held to a high standard of care. If that standard is broken, residents and their families may be eligible for financial compensation for nursing home neglect.

Domestic violence prevalent throughout many relationships

New Jersey residents who are affected by domestic violence know how scary this crime can be. Domestic violence is so frightening that victims of are often too scared to escape their attacker. Many times, children are also involved in these tragic situations.

New progress made in spinal cord injury treatment

New Jersey residents who have back injuries can face a long and difficult path of rehabilitation. The typical spinal cord injury can lead to chronic pain, limited mobility or even paralysis. After a car crash or personal injury like a slip-and-fall, the route back to health can be very expensive. The cost of rehabilitation is higher than many other injuries because of the long-term care that is needed. There is hope for more recoveries as technology in spinal cord injuries is improving.

Spinal cord injury victim walks down aisle after car crash

Neck injuries caused by accidents can lead to paralysis and long-term rehab. A neck injury can damage tendons, muscles and the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury can cause limited mobility including paralysis, chronic pain and numbness in the extremities. Most spinal injuries happen along the top seven vertebrae of the neck. Many New Jersey residents who suffer neck injuries do damage to their vertebrae and are temporarily or permanently disabled. Damage to the spinal cord occurs typically in motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents.

When are experts needed in a divorce?

New Jersey residents dealing with family law issues know that there are many complicated facets of the proceedings. Child support, property division and alimony can be difficult to figure out for many couples. Experts can be helpful in many family law disputes, whether the issue is legal, financial or emotional.

Texting while driving impairs New Jersey drivers

Texting while driving has been a concern for lawmakers and citizens since cell phones were introduced. Texting can cause drivers to lose focus on the road, be unaware of their surroundings and may lead to deadly car accidents. Recently, a woman driving in Newark, New Jersey, was accused by prosecutors of texting moments before she collided with a pickup driver who was killed in the accident. She was from Rahway, New Jersey, and was charged with causing a vehicular homicide while texting.

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