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December 2013 Archives

Settlement reached on police dog bite

Many New Jersey families and individuals keep pets in their homes. These extra members of the family can range from cats to dogs to guinea pigs and beyond. Some have more exotic pets, such as snakes, that require extra attention and proper care. Regardless of the animal, most pets have the capacity to inflect harm on property or people if they aren't appropriately cared for.

Keeping up with another high-profile divorce

The end of a marriage is always a sad event for New Jersey couples who assumed their marriage would last forever. Certainly no one foresees divorce on their wedding day. Still, for many couples it becomes a reality. Celebrities especially seem to have a tendency towards shorter marriages.

New bill may help with global custody disputes

New Jersey marriages that end in divorce and that involve kids can be very complicated. Child custody is one of the key issues that parents need to work out with their former partner. When that partner takes the child to another country there are many legal problems that can ensue.

IKEA recalls lamps for children in New Jersey

An injury to a child is something that all parents want to avoid. This is especially true for poorly constructed products that could have easily been remedied by the manufacturer or seller. The challenge for many parents is the variety of products that are available. Some companies do not exhibit proper safeguards. When a company produces a product that leads to a permanent or long-term injury, the child and parents are able to claim negligence. A child injury can be very serious. It's important to be prepared for any long-term care that will be necessary for the child.

New Jersey woman killed in car crash

Weather conditions can have a large impact on driving conditions throughout the country. Maintaining a proper speed, appropriate distance and establishing control over a vehicle are obligations for drivers. In an accident, other drivers may be liable for damages if they don't adhere to basic principles of safety during poor weather. If an accident is the result of someone acting negligently, victims may have an opportunity to receive financial compensation for the car accident and any necessary medical treatments.

What kind of questions should be answered before a divorce?

New Jersey residents who are contemplating or going through a divorce situation can be intimidated by the complex process. A person may find that asking the right questions can help ease their anxiety and help them feel more prepared for what is to come.

WHO: 500,000 spinal injuries suffered annually

A spinal injury is an extremely difficult injury from which to recuperate. It can have long-term effects on one's entire body as rehabilitation teaches a whole new way of movement. The injury can limit mobility and lead to decreased muscle flexibility. Those suffering from a spinal cord injury may experience fatigue, poor coordination and tingling in the extremities. Fortunately, in New Jersey there are some financial options for a spinal injury that originated at work.

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