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January 2014 Archives

Newly engaged? Now is the time for a pre-nup!

Newly engaged New Jersey couples usually believe their marriage is going to last forever. Of course the statistics paint a different picture regarding marriage and divorce. Couples interested in preserving their assets may want to consider drafting a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

Rabies vaccines given out in Ocean City, New Jersey

Many New Jersey residents may have pets in their homes. From dogs to cats to more exotic varieties of animals, pet owners have a responsibility for their animals' behavior. One of the first things someone bitten by an animal is seek medical attention. An animal bite can have long-term medical implications if left untreated. From diseases like rabies to bad infections, the important thing to do is to get help right away after a bite.

2 teaching aides charged in school fight

New Jersey parents want to protect their children from harm. They expect a high standard of care when their children go to school, childcare, or extracurricular activities. Adults who are put into positions of taking care of children have a responsibility to safeguard the children under their care. Unfortunately some do not always live up to this responsibility. A significant child injury can have serious implications for parents.

Will a prenup affect child custody?

Many New Jersey couples who are planning on getting married may be considering a prenuptial agreement. These are popular among couples who may be older and have assets they would like to protect, or just in case something goes wrong in their marriage and they want to work out an agreement in advance.

When your spouse makes financial threats during a divorce

What is a person to do when their spouse makes threats during a divorce? New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce know how emotionally challenging the situation can be. Many times there are disputes between spouses over countless items including finances, housing, children and so on.

Icy driving in New Jersey leads to 2 deaths

Inclement weather can lead to crashes because sometimes drivers don't exercise proper caution. Actions that may be reasonable in good weather are not always reasonable when conditions are bad. Poor weather can be blamed for some crashes, but sometimes the driver is at fault for not changing his behavior to adapt to the weather. Car accidents can cause serious medical problems, including broken bones, long-lasting bruises and concussions.

Family of domestic violence victim lobbies for new law

Domestic violence is incredibly prevalent in the United States. In New Jersey there are thousands of domestic violence victims each year, both men and women. One New Jersey family is working to establish a law that will help people determine if their significant other has a history of domestic violence.

Things to remember when going through a divorce

More divorces occur in January than in any other month. This could be for a number of reasons. One might be that people want to get through the holidays as a family or it could be that they want a fresh start to the New Year. Another reason that couples separate at the first of the year is to avoid filing joint taxes with their spouse. Whatever the reason, studies have shown that January is the busiest month for divorce.

New Jersey teen defeats odds, walks again

A spinal cord injury due to a car accident can be devastating. It can affect a person's stability, sense of mobility and sometimes can even confine someone to a wheelchair. Advances in medicine are rapidly increasing, but care for spinal cord injuries can still be expensive and burdensome for victims and their families. A New Jersey resident involved in a car accident may be entitled to compensation for the expenses involved in spinal cord recovery.

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