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Sneaky tactics an ex-spouse may engage in

The end of a marriage can be a difficult and challenging time. For couples going through a divorce in New Jersey, emotions can be high and spouses may engage in behavior that may surprise their family. Snooping on an ex-partner is common to find out what they're up to, but these action might prove to be more harmful than conducive.

Technology is very resourceful and provides individuals with the ability to snoop and keep tabs on their ex-spouse. These invasions of personal privacy can be annoying and humiliating for some, and there are different ways that technology can be used to snoop on people. First, sometimes divorcees install spyware on their ex-spouses computer. This software can track everything that is done on the computer. Ways to tell if it is installed on the computer is by looking for new toolbars, the computer is moving slower than usual or there are constant pop-ups.

Second, ex-spouses may try and get into password-protected areas, including Facebook, Instagram and bank accounts to see what you have been up to and how you're spending your money. It's important to make sure all personal passwords have been changed.

Third, an ex-spouse may use a joint credit card to rack up a bunch of charges. These charges could leave a person jointly accountable for the charges. Closing the credit card completely can be a good idea along with keeping a close eye on the statement.

Fourth, a GPS tracking device can be easily placed in a vehicle, purse or other personal item of their ex-spouse. These can be used to track where and when they go somewhere. Finally, an EZ Pass used for toll roads and bridges can leave a trail that your ex-spouse can view. Many times a person's history with the passes can be viewed online, leaving a list of places where the vehicle has traveled.

Sometimes divorce brings out the worst in people. Although technology has greatly improved lives it can also allow people to invade the privacy of others. Knowing how technology can cause loss of privacy is important so that a person does not fall victim.

In many cases, the end of a marriage involves a dispute of some kind. Whether surrounding alimony, child support, visitation, property division or other divorce issues, ex-spouses can be mean and spiteful to one another. Tracking an ex-spouse could be considered bullying and an invasion of privacy. Consulting with a legal professional could help an individual with these and other post-divorce issues. Furthermore, it will help protect a person's rights in court.

Source: Huffington Post, "Can technology be an enemy in divorce? You'd be surprised," Brendan Lyle, June 18, 2014

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