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January 2015 Archives

New Jersey car accidents and whiplash injuries

Most people are familiar with whiplash as a common type of car accident injury, but many do not have a good understanding of what it can involve. Whiplash can often result in much more than a simple sore neck. The injury, although not externally visible, can cause damage to muscles, surrounding tissues and even vertebrae in the injured location.

Using cellphones while driving

If you have been injured in an automobile accident due to a driver's either texting or talking on a cellphone, you might be facing significant financial losses and have ongoing medical costs and treatment needs as a result. Under New Jersey law, both texting and talking on handheld cellular devices are prohibited while driving.

2 workers injured after collapse of airport hanger

Two construction workers in New Jersey suffered injuries from an accident that occurred at Morristown Municipal Airport on Jan. 16. According to local police, a hanger that was being built at 6 Airport Road collapsed and injured the two workers.

Agency wants tighter safety measures on trucking industry

A federal agency is calling for more and tighter safety measures on the trucking industry that could impact truck drivers in New Jersey and around the country. Improved truck safety is on the National Transportation Safety Board's 'most wanted" list of transportation issues that need improving in 2015. The federal agency investigates transportation accidents, but it has no regulatory authority to order safety improvements.

The serious problem of domestic violence

Unfortunately, many cases involving families include allegations and incidences of acts of domestic violence perpetrated by one partner on the other. Every year, tens of thousands of domestic violence incidents are reported in New Jersey, while countless others go unreported. Domestic violence can result in the serious injury or death of victims if nothing is done to stop it.

NHTSA moving forward on VTV technology

New Jersey motorcyclists may be interested to learn of a new technology that may soon be available on new light passenger vehicles. The technology, called vehicle-to-vehicle communication, allows vehicles to communicate safety information with one another, providing warnings to drivers of the presence of other vehicles and traffic patterns to alert drivers.

Distracted driving dangers

Drivers in New Jersey who have lost loved ones or who have been injured in a distraction-related car accident agree that distracted driving is a dangerous problem. There are statistics to back up this opinion. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over nine people are killed in the U.S. each day as the result of distracted driving.

New Jersey and impaired driving

Driving a vehicle while impaired with drugs or alcohol can lead to serious hazards on the road. As one of the most traffic-congested states in America, New Jersey experiences accidents from impaired driving every day. These accidents can be as deadly to the people around the driver as to the driver themselves.

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