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July 2015 Archives

How same-sex divorces may be different

Although New Jersey has recognized same-sex marriages for a number of years, the June 2015 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court may have far-reaching implications that can affect state laws across the country. In particular, this decision may create certain implications for gay divorce.

Painkiller addiction and workers 'compensation

Injured workers in New Jersey often receive narcotic or opioid painkillers when they are injured on the job, allowing them to manage their pain and continue to be more productive during their recovery. However, this approach can lead to serious physical and behavioral problems for employees and legal issues for employers. Judges across the nation have ruled in many cases that addiction to prescription painkillers is compensable under workers' compensation laws.

Dad seeks custody after children were sent to juvenile detention

New Jersey parents who are going through a divorce may be interested to learn that a Michigan father filed for full custody of his three children on July 15 after they refused to see him. According to the report of the incident, this was after the judge ordered the three children to juvenile detention due to the refusal.

Safety protocols for health care workers are being resisted

Nursing professionals in New Jersey hospitals can be affected by many on-the-job hazards, but the implementation of new standards to protect these workers can be difficult. One of the most contentious issues has been the establishment of safety protocols and rules related to musculoskeletal disorders resulting from the repositioning of patients. For some who work in a health care setting, such an injury can be significant enough to interfere with or end a person's ability to work. Although the implementation of safe practices could protect the health of workers while also saving money for their employers, a recent report by an advocacy group indicates that leaders in the industry do not have any plans to address the high rate of work-related injuries for nurses.

Substance abuse and child custody cases

Many people in New Jersey have the mistaken belief that a parent has a substance abuse problem will automatically be barred from getting custody rights with a child. While the courts will look at a history of substance abuse, judges generally will also work to preserve the child and parent relationship, often granting some custody or visitation rights despite the parent's drug or alcohol problems.

Making hazmat operations safer

In New Jersey and around the country, accidents involving hazardous materials are a serious risk to the public. The reality of the situation is that very little is being done by the government or by hazardous chemicals manufacturers to reduce potential risks. Implementing available technology in the chain-of-custody process would go a long way in making the industry safer.

The dangers of drinking and texting

Motorists in New Jersey may benefit from learning more about some of the significant dangers associated with teenage drivers. The two main risks associated with these types of motorists is driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while texting. Researchers have already proven that texting while driving can be equally as dangerous as drunk driving. Approximately 2,000 teens die from driving drunk each year, while around 3,000 are killed from texting and driving.

Study reveals the high risks of recycling work

A recent study into workplace injuries reveals that workers in the recycling industry in New Jersey and around the country are involved in accidents while on the job more than twice as often as other American workers. The study was compiled by environmental and safety experts working with researchers from the University of Illinois. While the study concluded that the amount of heavy equipment used at recycling facilities contributed significantly to the accident rates observed, researchers pointed out a number of steps that could be taken to improve worker safety.

Same-sex marriage decision not an end to legal disputes

Same-sex couples in New Jersey and across the nation are celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage that follows in the wake of numerous state legalization and federal recognition. Despite the fact that same-sex marriages have been legal in New Jersey since 2013, those marriages made legal in one state have gone unrecognized when couples moved to other states that forbid the practice. The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell vs. Hodges means that all states must recognize and allow same-sex marriages.

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