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September 2015 Archives

Fog and smoke-related car accidents

New Jersey motorists experience heavy fog and smoke on the roads from time to time. During these dangerous road conditions, drivers are more likely to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes. Multi-car pileups may occur during thick fog and smoke because drivers do not reduce their speed or maintain safe following distances.

Katie Holmes seeks child support order modification

New Jersey residents may have heard about a development in the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. Holmes is reportedly seeking an alteration to the child support payment arrangement involving her former husband and their nine-year-old daughter. The original support payment is $400,000 each year, but according to published reports, Holmes is preparing to return to court to seek a higher amount. One source reported that although the actress takes as many jobs as possible, she is unable to maintain the lifestyle for her daughter that she had during the marriage.

Long hours increase injury risks for EMS workers

A new observational study demonstrates that emergency services workers are at a 60 percent higher risk of suffering illness or injury when they work extended hours than when they work for 12 hours or less. EMS employees in New Jersey may not realize that their risk of injury increases with longer shifts.

Defects responsible for accidents blamed on reckless driving

New Jersey residents are likely aware that millions of cars, trucks and SUVs produced by several automakers have been recalled in recent months due to problems including faulty ignition switches and defective airbags. These recalls were ordered after the problems were linked to fatal motor vehicle accidents across the country, but experts say that many other crashes initially blamed on reckless driving may also have been caused by these defects.

Injury symptoms to watch out for

Each year, many motor vehicle accidents happen in New Jersey. In some of those crashes, people who have suffered injuries may not realize they have for several hours or days afterwards. This is because the accident may have caused enough excitement for them that they did not recognize symptoms of injuries that are not readily visible.

Pedestrian hybrid beacon makes pedestrians safer

New Jersey pedestrians may be interested to learn about a traffic signalling innovation known as the pedestrian hybrid beacon. The devices are installed in mid-block pedestrian crossings. Studies have shown that these are the most dangerous crossings for pedestrians due to motorist speed. Over 70 percent of pedestrian deaths happen in these types of crossing. Vehicles traveling at a speed higher than 40 mph kill more than 80 percent of pedestrians that they hit.

Survey finds many adults text, talk on cellphones while driving

New Jersey drivers may be interested to learn that based on the responses in a survey published in September 2015 in the Journal of Transport & Health, many adults are likely to use their cell phones while driving. Of the more than 700 adults in the San Diego area who responded to the survey, over three-quarters said they made hands-free calls while driving. Fewer than one-third were aware that hands-free cellphone use is considered as risky as drunk driving.

Avoiding common motorcycle accidents

Although motorcycles can be exciting and energy efficient, they can also be quite vulnerable to accidents on New Jersey roads. Because a rider is not protected by the interior of a vehicle as other motorists are, an accident can result in serious injuries or death. This makes it particularly important for motorcycle operators to be well-trained in the use of their bikes. However, other motorists are equally responsible for exercising diligence on the roads to minimize their risks of colliding with a motorcycle.

Custody dispute permits parent's Facebook postings as evidence

New Jersey parents may have learned that a judge has ruled that a man may use information from his ex-wife's Facebook account in their custody battle. The case set a legal precedent because social media is normally not permitted in court cases.

Reducing eye injuries at the workplace

Employees in New Jersey might benefit from understanding more about the dangers that fog and poor visibility can create at the workplace. Eye injuries requiring medical attention occur more than once per minute in U.S. workplaces, totaling around 2,000 incidents nationwide everyday. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that these injuries account for about 25 percent of all head injuries. Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the eye injuries suffered on the job actually result in a permanent or temporary loss a vision.

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