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December 2015 Archives

Making a parenting plan for the holidays

Deciding who the kids spend time with during holidays in a divorce can be difficult and emotional. There are certain holidays that both parents definitely want to spend with the children, and the children can often end up being pulled in different directions. So how can New Jersey parents make an arrangement that benefits the children and still allows the parents to share certain holidays with them? One way is to make a parenting plan.

Hazardous materials in medical workplaces

Health care facilities in New Jersey and around the country have protocols in place designed to contain bloodborne pathogens and prevent outbreaks of the infectious diseases they can cause. Certain pharmaceutical compounds and the substances used to clean and sanitize medical equipment can also be hazardous and place hospital and medical clinic workers at risk.

Self-driving cars need further testing, development

Based on recent tests, New Jersey drivers who are curious about self-driving cars may be waiting a little longer to purchase one of their own. According to a study by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute, driverless vehicles are involved in accidents two-times as often as cars driven by humans. However, the same study indicates that human drivers were at fault in all of those crashes. The accidents are mostly caused by drivers who are inattentive or behaving in an overly aggressive manner. The issue is that self-driving cars have difficulty making subtle judgment calls that humans are capable of.

New OSHA regulations keep New Jersey workers safe

Starting in Feb. 2016, new OSHA rules would limit workers' exposure to silica dust. OSHA announced that the safety expectations related to this hazard would be increased for the first time in 45 years. Workers who are exposed to silica may develop incurable lung illnesses. Industries that would be affected by the new rule hoped that a rider in the 2016 budget would stall its implementation. Nonetheless, riders that were preventing funding to enforce the new rules were stripped from the federal funding bill.

New rule requires electronic logs for truckers

The federal government is introducing a new rule to its commercial driving regulations that may lead to heightened accountability for New Jersey truckers and their employers. Once the rule is in effect, approximately 3 million truckers will be expected to adopt electronic timekeeping to clock their driving hours.

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling raises questions for gay couples

New Jersey residents likely know that laws in several states that made same-sex marriage illegal were ruled unconstitutional by a landmark majority decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015. While the ruling allows same-sex couples across the country to now marry legally, it has also raised questions about the status of cohabiting gay couples who wanted to get married but had previously been prevented from doing so. One such case involves two Michigan women involved in a bitter child custody dispute.

New Jersey safe driving rates challenge misconceptions

New Jersey drivers were recognized as some of the safest in the United States, according to a study based on 2013 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the AAA New Jersey public affairs manager, popular misconceptions about the aggressive tendencies of New Jersey drivers do not align with their actual behavior. New Jersey's high ranking is impressive when considering the state's large population and significant number of licensed drivers.

The risks caused by elderly drivers in New Jersey

Around the country, the number of licensed older drivers increased 34 percent between 1999 and 2012. Beginning at 70 years of age, fatal crash rates increase per mile traveled. They are even higher for drivers 85 and older. These drivers don't necessarily have an increased tendency to be in an accident, but they do have an increased susceptibility for medical complications and injuries that prove fatal. Vision, as well as reasoning ability and memory, may decline with age, and physical changes could impact older peoples' driving abilities.

Mass shootings can be connected to domestic violence

While many couples in New Jersey have healthy, stable marriages, some relationships are deeply troubled. Some spouses identify these problems in their marriage and take action by seeking counseling and other support. In some cases, the problems in a relationship escalates to the point where a partner is the victim of abuse.

OSHA sanctions lead to improved workplace safety

Employers in New Jersey and around the country are more likely to enforce safety regulations and standards after being cited or fined following an OSHA workplace inspection according to an Institute for Work and Health study. However, the study also revealed that the mere threat of sanctions or an inspection did little to reduce the number of work-related accidents or injuries.

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