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June 2016 Archives

Moving out and moving on after a divorce

When a New Jersey couple divorces, it may be difficult to decide what to do with the marital house. For some, it is easier to let the other person have the house and handle the mortgage regardless of their situation. However, it may be best for some couples to maintain the status quo if they are close to repaying the mortgage in full. Once the mortgage has been repaid, it may be easier to sell the house and split the proceeds.

Adopting a team approach to workplace safety

A rule introduced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in May 2016 has highlighted the safety challenges faced by employers in New Jersey and around the country. The goal of the rule is to modernize the way that data about workplace illnesses and injuries is collected and used, but a growing number of advocates say that many on-the-job accidents could be avoided completely if workers and managers adopted a more proactive approach to workplace safety.

Nurses face many workplace dangers

New Jersey nurses face many on-the-job hazards every day. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hospital health care workers around the country were the victims in more than 250,000 reported work-related injuries and illnesses in 2011, and studies show that those working directly with patients are more likely to be hurt. Some of the greatest dangers nurses face involve needle sticks, contact with allergy-causing or toxic substances and workplace violence.

Outdoor workers face double threat of heat and lightning

Road crews, agricultural workers, construction laborers, and all outdoor workers in New Jersey need to take safety precautions when the weather heats up. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has increased its outreach efforts to ensure that employers understand worker safety during extreme conditions that include high temperatures and lightning threats.

Prescriptions of opioids decrease in New Jersey, other states

In a study that looked at prescriptions of opioids for workers' compensation claims in New Jersey and 24 other states, data demonstrated that the number of prescriptions given for the medications has fallen. The decrease comes with increasing reforms in some states' policies that are geared towards curbing opioid addiction rates.

Automakers are knowingly installing defective air bags

Some New Jersey motorists might have cause to be concerned about the safety of their new vehicles. Typically, people worry less about this issue when they purchase a new car, but it has been discovered that at least four automakers are knowingly installing defective air bags into new vehicles.

Roads getting more dangerous in New Jersey and across U.S.

According to the National Safety Council, the nation's roadways are becoming more dangerous for motorists. It used data from January to June of 2015 that said 19,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents during that time period. This was an increase of 14 percent from the first six months of 2014. There were also 2.3 million serious injuries in the first half of 2015.

Rapper's ex seeks additional child support

New Jersey residents may have heard that the ex of rapper 50 Cent has requested additional child support for their 19-year-old son. Though in most cases, child support commitment ends when the child turns 18, in this case, financial support for 50 Cent's son will remain in place until he turns 21.

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