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November 2017 Archives

Child custody and supervised visitation

New Jersey law has a preference for joint child custody when parents do not live together, but some circumstances can make giving one parent sole custody a better option. In cases where one parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or if there are allegations of violence, that parent might be denied custody but granted visitation rights. In these cases, a court order might require supervised visitation, which means a third party must be present when the parent visits the child.

AAA study shows how truck safety devices prevent crashes

According to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, lane departure warning and onboard, video-based systems; air disc brakes; and automatic emergency braking are the safety devices that can most effectively prevent truck-related crashes. Drivers in New Jersey and elsewhere in the U.S. tend to be wary of sharing the road with trucks and are naturally eager to see these measures put into use by trucking companies.

Same-sex couples face unique issues when divorcing

Same-sex couples who are seeking to get a divorce may find that it may be more complicated than they anticipated. This is because the length of their marriages may not reflect the true length of their relationships. How long a marriage lasts may play a key role in whether an individual receives spousal support and how property is divided. In lengthier marriages, those who earn or who have less than their spouses may receive alimony or larger shares of marital property.

With shorter daylight hours, wildlife collision risk increases

With the end of daylight savings time come shorter days and more wildlife activity. As more drivers find themselves out between dusk and dawn, the period when wildlife is most active, they increase their risk of colliding with the animals. Autumn is an especially busy time for deer and bears. This is why experts recommend that drivers in and around New Jersey take several precautions to avoid such accidents. This advice is good year-round.

How violence in marriage spills over into co-parenting

Individuals who are subjected to abuse during their marriage may experience harassment during the first year of co-parenting a child with their former spouses. The level and type of harassment depends on what type of abuse those in New Jersey or elsewhere may experience. Researchers at the University of Illinois broke subjects into groups that had experienced coercive controlling behavior and those who experienced situational couple violence.

Floor choice, maintenance affect rate of slip and falls

Poor flooring choices and lack of maintenance can lead to more slip and fall accidents. Employees of corporations across New Jersey and the rest of the U.S., especially those in the retail trade and real estate fields, are at risk for possible injuries as a result of these accidents.

Parental knowledge can improve the child custody process

Child custody issues may be one of the greatest fears for New Jersey parents heading into a divorce. In addition to ending the relationship between spouses, a separation can also mean major disruption and changes to the parental connection with their children. When a parent has been a daily part of their kids' lives, even a shift to joint custody can be difficult. Child custody negotiations can be emotionally difficult and pose logistical problems. In fact, many couples postpone divorces for years in order to avoid child custody disputes.

Vehicle defects, long hours contribute to truck crashes

Trucks are more likely to crash on New Jersey roads if they have safety defects or if their drivers have been working a long shift, according to a study. The research was sponsored by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and published in December 2016.

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