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December 2017 Archives

Push for mandated equal parenting time

Family law matters involving children may change in New Jersey if two bills become law that alter child custody determinations. Under these new proposed rules, a presumption would exist in child custody cases that a child would live with each parent for approximately equal time periods. Agreeing on child custody arrangements is difficult for many couples going through a divorce, and these new rules seek to eliminate the uncertainty and pitfalls surrounding this topic.

Seasonal safety campaign highlights dangers of drunk driving

As residents of New Jersey and other states relax in front of their televisions during the holiday season, their attention might be drawn to the issue of drunk driving. A sign of the season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has commenced its Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. As part of the annual NHTSA safety program, a TV commercial designed to remind motorists about the risks and consequences of drunk driving is running nationwide.

Many accidents caused by drivers that fall asleep or lose control

Approximately 6 million motor vehicle accidents take place each year in New Jersey and around the country, and government data suggests that the vast majority of these crashes involve human error of one type or another. Even more alarming are the figures revealing that fatal accidents surged in the United States in 2015 and 2016 despite significant advances in automobile safety systems and improvements to the nation's roads.

Child support for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples in New Jersey who share children might want to pay attention to a case that is pending in Hawaii. The case involves a woman who divorced her spouse. The woman's spouse became pregnant before the divorce by using a sperm donor, and the military spouse filed for divorce after her wife became pregnant.

$4,200 per month in child support ordered in Kodak Black case

New Jersey rap fans may know that Kodak Black has been in the middle of a child support battle for some time. The final orders were recently issued in the case, and Black will have to pay the mother of his 2-year-old son $4,200 per month.

Motorcyclists need to drive defensively

New Jersey bikers know that while riding a motorcycle can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Motorcyclists are likely to suffer more serious injuries in an accident than they would if they were riding in an automobile. Both driving defensively and wearing safety gear can help to prevent accidents.

Road safety advocates fear surge in marijuana impairment

New Jersey is among several states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but some road safety advocates believe that laws like the one passed in the Garden State could lead to a sharp increase in impaired driving accidents. They point to crash data from Colorado, Oregon and Washington revealing that traffic collisions rose after marijuana was approved for recreational use, but experts say that the data is inconclusive and does not link the rise in accidents with increased consumption of the drug.

Truck tracking designed to cut fatigue accidents

Drivers in New Jersey may worry when they take roads crowded with large trucks and buses. These large vehicles can provide unique risks and dangers to other motorists. The hazards can be accentuated further when truck drivers are fatigued or otherwise distracted, preventing them from concentrating fully on the road.

Communication can help resolve co-parenting challenges

New Jersey couples considering divorce may be particularly concerned when they have children. Dealing with child custody and co-parenting can be stressful for the parents, but at the same time, a strong relationship with each parent is very important for the psychological security and health of their children. When there is no abuse or neglect, it's very important that children are supported to maintain close, positive relationships with both of their parents, even after the divorce. The difficulties of child custody can be some of the most emotionally difficult aspects of the divorce, and adjusting to co-parenting and divided time can be hard on both parents and children.

Study shows 'Pokémon Go' may have caused traffic crashes, deaths

While many New Jersey residents may love to play "Pokémon Go," a new study shows that the popular smartphone-based game may have led to a surge in traffic injuries and deaths after its July 2016 launch. The study was conducted by researchers at Purdue University and released online in November.

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