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Animal Bites Archives

New Jersey officer kills pit bull following alleged attack

An animal attack is a very serious offense. Pet owners in New Jersey have a responsibility for their animals, especially if they are violent. An unprovoked attack can have terrible consequences for the victim. From broken bones to severe bites, an animal attack can put someone in the hospital. Animal bites can even lead to reconstructive surgery if they are vicious enough. Owners are responsible for their animals if they bite or injure someone.

Surgery after dog bite a warning for New Jersey dog owners

An attack by a pet is a serious problem for the owner. Animals that are dangerous to the public should be handled in a way that prevents them from harming others. A child can be particularly susceptible to a dog bite in New Jersey. Owners have a responsibility to keep their animals from harming people. Those who are bitten should seek immediate medical treatment, because a bite can involve diseases like rabies that can lead to further bodily harm.

Recent dog bite a warning for Jersey dog owners

Owning a large animal comes with a heavy amount of responsibility, especially, when the animal is used for protection. Owners of large animals in New Jersey have a responsibility to keep potentially violent animals away from the general population. A dog bite by a large dog, like a Great Pyrenees, can lead to a significant injury. It could lead to a long hospital stay or significant injuries.

Infected pet rat bite serves as warning for New Jersey parents

A pet bite can cause plenty of damage to an unaware child or adult. A bite by an infected animal can even cause death if not treated correctly. Animal providers have a responsibility to care and adequately vaccinate their animals. Pet stores have a responsibility to see that their animals are safe to be sold as pets. If a store fails in this responsibility, they may face liability for selling an unsafe animal. Animal bites are a serious concern for parents in New Jersey.

Rabies vaccines given out in Ocean City, New Jersey

Many New Jersey residents may have pets in their homes. From dogs to cats to more exotic varieties of animals, pet owners have a responsibility for their animals' behavior. One of the first things someone bitten by an animal is seek medical attention. An animal bite can have long-term medical implications if left untreated. From diseases like rabies to bad infections, the important thing to do is to get help right away after a bite.

Settlement reached on police dog bite

Many New Jersey families and individuals keep pets in their homes. These extra members of the family can range from cats to dogs to guinea pigs and beyond. Some have more exotic pets, such as snakes, that require extra attention and proper care. Regardless of the animal, most pets have the capacity to inflect harm on property or people if they aren't appropriately cared for.

Many rabid animal reports in New Jersey for first half of year

In New Jersey, owners are responsible for their animals. Barring an incident involving taunting, hurting or provoking an animal, the owner is financially responsible for the animal's behavior. In the case of a bite, a large dog or other animal can inflict a lot of serious damage on a person or child. An animal attack can be a destructive experience for someone, especially if the animal has a communicable disease like rabies. Compensation is an important way to pay for necessary medical treatment, any long-term care involving therapy and even plastic surgery that may result from animal bites.

Settlement reached in animal bite lawsuit

Many New Jersey residents have pets. These same individuals also often invite friends and family over and have them interact with the pet. Most of the time, the pet is well-trained, or at least trained well enough, to prevent injuries from occurring. But other times the animal will snap and attack a defenseless houseguest. Such an attack can leave the victim seriously injured and may give rise to legal action.

Is it the breed or the breeding that leads to dog bites?

Many New Jersey residents might know already that of the 4 million dog bites each year, about half involve children, and some of these lead to serious injury or disfigurement. In light of this, New Jersey pet owners and other residents may be interested to hear what one pet expert has to say about what leads up to a dog bite on a child.

Woman sitting outside attacked randomly by dog

Many New Jersey residents who read this blog may often wonder whether the stories we have published about animal bites are not, at least to some extent, the fault of the bite victims themselves. While certainly some children who get bitten may not have known how to behave around a dog, one might suspect that those adults who find themselves victims of a dog bite may have made some important mistake in interacting with the animal.

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