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New Jersey lawmakers pass new alimony bill

When couples decide to end their marriage, various decisions need to be made. In addition to making their individual decisions regarding the divorce settlement, couples must deal with the impact of state laws on how certain issues are handled. When it comes to alimony, state laws can limit the length of time a spouse can receive spousal support following a divorce.

Jewel and husband seeking divorce

Even the marriages that appear to be the most stable have struggles once in a while. When these difficulties become too much, New Jersey residents might consider whether divorce is the best option. Recently, long time companions Jewel and Ty Murray announced that they are seeking a divorce.

Preparing for a divorce

Although divorce among New Jersey residents may be common, it does not make the process any less significant or emotional. Because divorce can be such an emotional time, most people do not come to the decision to seek divorce until they have thought about it for a long time. For those who are considering a divorce, there are a few important preparation steps. .

Sneaky tactics an ex-spouse may engage in

The end of a marriage can be a difficult and challenging time. For couples going through a divorce in New Jersey, emotions can be high and spouses may engage in behavior that may surprise their family. Snooping on an ex-partner is common to find out what they're up to, but these action might prove to be more harmful than conducive.

Child support does not cover everything

Parents in New Jersey who are going through a divorce know how many details and complications the proceedings can bring. Parents who are negotiating child support should keep in mind that child support does not support every need of the child. During the negotiations, parents should think about what additional expenses their child may have.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas file for divorce

Many New Jersey residents know how hard marriage can be, and that sometimes ending a marriage may be in the best interest of the family as a whole. Like any married couple, celebrities are not immune to divorce, and often the stress of a marriage in the spotlight can hurt even the best marriages.

Is litigation right for your divorce situation?

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce know how many details are involved and how hard it can be to stay level-headed when there are so many emotions. Throughout divorce proceedings it may be confusing as to how the divorce will end.

NJ considering adding collaborative family law

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce may encounter many obstacles during the process. Proceedings can be different with each case. Anything that can help a divorce move along more quickly and with less complications can be a welcome addition.

Divorce and pets

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce know how hard the process can be. Emotions are high and many times there is a dispute about any number of issues, some big and some small. One thing that many couples do not think about what spouse will get possession of a family pet after the divorce.

Students loans and divorce

Most recent college graduates in New Jersey know all about student loans. The average debt of a college graduate is almost $30,000. Students who pursue an advanced degree can have even more debt. When couples get married they often both have student loan debt that can reach tens of thousands of dollars. If a divorce becomes imminent this debt may become a factor.

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