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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Seat belts could save crash victims from severe liver injury

Considering that auto accidents send some 2 million Americans to emergency rooms every year, New Jersey drivers may want to think twice about neglecting to use their seat belts. Researchers at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn have released a study revealing yet another benefit to buckling up; it can lower the risk of severe liver injuries by 21 percent. If combined with properly functioning airbags, that number goes up to 26 percent.

Wearable devices can't make texting behind the wheel safe

Many New Jersey drivers are well aware of the risks of texting while driving, especially after major public awareness campaigns and the passage of legislation to make handheld mobile use behind the wheel illegal. However, the appeal of incoming notifications while behind the wheel or stuck in traffic can be hard to deny, even when drivers know that distractions can lead to dangerous motor vehicle accidents. Some may wonder if the use of alternate devices other than handheld smartphones could increase the safety of texting while driving.

The dangers of inattention while behind the wheel

Despite significant attention paid to the dangers of driving while distracted by a cellphone in New Jersey and around the country, one study has found that simply daydreaming and failing to pay attention is the cause of many car accidents. Erie Insurance reviewed a national database of motor vehicle deaths called the Fatality Analysis Reporting System to learn what law enforcement identified as the cause of most fatal car accidents.

AAA study links daylight saving time with drowsy driving

In New Jersey and across the U.S., people have set their clocks one hour ahead and perhaps lost some sleep in the process. According to a recent AAA study, this can mean an increase in drowsy drivers commuting to and from work. Drowsy driving is already considered a national epidemic, causing an estimated 10 percent of all car wrecks in the country, many of them fatal. This means drivers should be extra careful when heading out.

IIHS study reveals the benefits of automatic backup braking

A recently released study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that the number of backup accidents in New Jersey and around the country would be reduced by 62 percent if every vehicle was equipped with a rear automatic braking system. This kind of crash could be reduced by a further 16 percent when automatic braking technology is combined with rearview cameras and sensor arrays according to the nonprofit road safety group.

The benefits of ADAS-based features

With Tesla testing its Autopilot program and tech suppliers like Harman International creating prototypes for futuristic cars, fully autonomous driving seems to be just around the corner. However, these developments will take years to be refined and made available to the public. In the meantime, several new safety features are already saving lives. Drivers in New Jersey may want to know more about assisted driving technologies in particular.

NHTSA wants to stop drugged driving

The opioid crisis and increased legalization of marijuana have led to increased concern over drugged driving in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. That's why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to combat the issue. As part of its effort, the agency is hosting a summit that starts on March 15.

Keep timelines in mind after a car crash

Car accidents happen all too frequently to New Jersey drivers; keeping safe behind the wheel is a major priority every time one sets out to drive. However, when a driver does experience a collision, whether due to a drunk driver, distracted driver or other roadway situation, he or she may be concerned about next steps even while handling medical emergencies and the immediate problems with their vehicles. There are some timelines for drivers to keep in mind for reporting their accidents to car insurance and following up with any necessary legal actions.

Seasonal safety campaign highlights dangers of drunk driving

As residents of New Jersey and other states relax in front of their televisions during the holiday season, their attention might be drawn to the issue of drunk driving. A sign of the season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has commenced its Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. As part of the annual NHTSA safety program, a TV commercial designed to remind motorists about the risks and consequences of drunk driving is running nationwide.

Many accidents caused by drivers that fall asleep or lose control

Approximately 6 million motor vehicle accidents take place each year in New Jersey and around the country, and government data suggests that the vast majority of these crashes involve human error of one type or another. Even more alarming are the figures revealing that fatal accidents surged in the United States in 2015 and 2016 despite significant advances in automobile safety systems and improvements to the nation's roads.

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