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Same-Sex Couples Archives

Child support for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples in New Jersey who share children might want to pay attention to a case that is pending in Hawaii. The case involves a woman who divorced her spouse. The woman's spouse became pregnant before the divorce by using a sperm donor, and the military spouse filed for divorce after her wife became pregnant.

Same-sex couples face unique issues when divorcing

Same-sex couples who are seeking to get a divorce may find that it may be more complicated than they anticipated. This is because the length of their marriages may not reflect the true length of their relationships. How long a marriage lasts may play a key role in whether an individual receives spousal support and how property is divided. In lengthier marriages, those who earn or who have less than their spouses may receive alimony or larger shares of marital property.

Same-sex marriage trends following legalization

New Jersey residents may be aware that same-sex marriage became legal in late June, 2015, following a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. Following this ruling, same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states, including in 14 states that had not previously legalized gay marriage.

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling raises questions for gay couples

New Jersey residents likely know that laws in several states that made same-sex marriage illegal were ruled unconstitutional by a landmark majority decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015. While the ruling allows same-sex couples across the country to now marry legally, it has also raised questions about the status of cohabiting gay couples who wanted to get married but had previously been prevented from doing so. One such case involves two Michigan women involved in a bitter child custody dispute.

Utah judge orders baby be removed from lesbian couple

New Jersey readers may be interested to learn that the Utah Division of Child and Family Services challenged a controversial decision by a Utah judge to remove a baby from foster parents because they are lesbians. In a statement on Nov. 12, the agency said it would fight the ruling if the judge didn't reverse his decision.

Same-sex marriages recognized by IRS

New Jersey residents may be interested in learning that same-sex marriages are now recognized nationwide by the Internal Revenue Service, following the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. In that case, the plaintiff who was in a same-relationship with his dying partner in Ohio, which did not recognized same-sex marriages, flew with his partner to Maryland, a state that did, to get married in order to become eligible for survivors' benefits.

How same-sex divorces may be different

Although New Jersey has recognized same-sex marriages for a number of years, the June 2015 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court may have far-reaching implications that can affect state laws across the country. In particular, this decision may create certain implications for gay divorce.

Same-sex marriage decision not an end to legal disputes

Same-sex couples in New Jersey and across the nation are celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage that follows in the wake of numerous state legalization and federal recognition. Despite the fact that same-sex marriages have been legal in New Jersey since 2013, those marriages made legal in one state have gone unrecognized when couples moved to other states that forbid the practice. The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell vs. Hodges means that all states must recognize and allow same-sex marriages.

Divorce of same-sex couple validated by Texas court

Same-sex couples in New Jersey enjoy the right to state-sanctioned marriage, but those same marriages may face legal challenges should the couple move. A same-sex divorce in Texas highlights the problem even as the state failed to prevent the procession of the divorce. The final decision, handed down by the Texas Supreme Court, took four years, which could feel like an eternity for a same-sex separation involving conflict, property division and child custody issues.

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