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Posts tagged "Child injury"

Why you should think twice before letting your child mow the lawn

The grass is growing rapidly, and the children are looking for something to do - why not let them take the lawn mower out for a spin? Not so fast. New research suggests that parents should think twice before letting their children use lawn mowers - and before using a lawn mower when young children are nearby.

How car seats can prevent New Jersey child injuries

The purpose of car seats is to properly secure babies and children while they are travelling in a car. The New Jersey law dealing with car seats is applicable to those children eight years and younger who weigh less than 80 pounds. Proper safety for children is a priority for parents even when their children are under the supervision of someone else at school or at day care. Accidents involving children can be devastating, especially a car accident where a child is not properly secured in his or her car seat. Improper use of a car seat can lead to child injury or worse.

Bus accident in Washington Township involves driver

Parents with school-age children entrust bus drivers and schools with a responsibility to be safe and take care of their kids. A bus driver who is negligent in his or her duties may assume responsibility if a child is hurt in an accident. A significant injury to a child is a serious issue. New Jersey parents expect that a care provider or bus driver will behave in a reasonable manner. Carelessness can lead to a significant child injury.

New Jersey family files complaint against middle school

Parents of school-age children entrust supervisors, teachers and school bus drivers to live up to a certain standard of care for their children. In New Jersey, schools have a responsibility to adequately supervise children from the moment they are picked up on the school bus to when they are dropped off. Breaching this standard of care is a serious offense because it jeopardizes student safety and may result in a child injury.

2 teaching aides charged in school fight

New Jersey parents want to protect their children from harm. They expect a high standard of care when their children go to school, childcare, or extracurricular activities. Adults who are put into positions of taking care of children have a responsibility to safeguard the children under their care. Unfortunately some do not always live up to this responsibility. A significant child injury can have serious implications for parents.

IKEA recalls lamps for children in New Jersey

An injury to a child is something that all parents want to avoid. This is especially true for poorly constructed products that could have easily been remedied by the manufacturer or seller. The challenge for many parents is the variety of products that are available. Some companies do not exhibit proper safeguards. When a company produces a product that leads to a permanent or long-term injury, the child and parents are able to claim negligence. A child injury can be very serious. It's important to be prepared for any long-term care that will be necessary for the child.

School slapped with lawsuit for paddling child injury

Residents who send their children to New Jersey's schools may understand that from time to time teachers will have to discipline those children, but they still have every right to expect that punishment will not be cruel or harm a child long-term. If a school or a school employee oversteps the bounds of reasonable discipline and causes a child injury because of its recklessness, the school may have to pay the family of that child compensation.

Increase in child injuries from falling TVs concerns doctors

New Jersey residents arrange their TVs in a variety of ways. While some of the newer, lighter, models can hang directly on a wall, many times family will leave an older "box" model of TV on a dresser or other furniture that might not be suited to hold them.

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