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Posts tagged "Domestic Violence"

First responders may discourage reporting of domestic violence

A recent study focused on emergency medical personnel indicates that a large percentage of first responders believe victims are at least partially responsible for incidents of domestic violence. Reporting published in the Journal of Legal and Forensic Medicine confirms that medical workers are not immune to widely believed myths concerning domestic violence. Since emergency personnel are often the first contact for victims, their skepticism could have a chilling effect on the reporting of crimes.

How violence in marriage spills over into co-parenting

Individuals who are subjected to abuse during their marriage may experience harassment during the first year of co-parenting a child with their former spouses. The level and type of harassment depends on what type of abuse those in New Jersey or elsewhere may experience. Researchers at the University of Illinois broke subjects into groups that had experienced coercive controlling behavior and those who experienced situational couple violence.

Domestic violence victims more vulnerable during disasters

When New Jersey residents face serious and life-threatening disasters, those who are in abusive situations can be vulnerable. On top of restricting access to basic human needs and increasing stress, events such as hurricanes can increase the prevalence and severity of domestic violence incidents. As such, experts say that domestic violence services should be included in assistance and services provided to disaster victims.

Accusations of domestic abuse in child custody cases

Emotions often run high during child custody disputes, and family law judges in New Jersey and around the country frequently have to determine whether or not there is any truth to inflammatory accusations. While malicious comments made in the heat of the moment may sometimes be excused or overlooked by judges, accusations of domestic violence are generally taken extremely seriously.

How spousal abuse may make divorce difficult

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in New Jersey and around the country, but the issue may be overshadowed by other causes like curing breast cancer. While that is of course a worthy endeavor, domestic violence is also a public health hazard. Statistics reveal that a woman is assaulted once every nine seconds while domestic violence hotlines in the United States get an average of 28,000 calls per day.

Domestic violence victims prone to traumatic brain injuries

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem nationwide, and some victims in New Jersey could be suffering from traumatic brain injuries inflicted by their abusers. Physicians suspect that repeated beatings can lead to problems like memory loss and confusion.

Allegations of domestic violence during custody disputes

New Jersey residents may be aware that several scientific studies have found that individuals who suffer mistreatment as children are more likely to mete out abuse as adults. Children who are physically abused by their parents often develop psychological issues and emotional problems that can last a lifetime, and they are far more likely to develop substance abuse problems and drop out of school. Courts are meant to make custody decisions based on the child's best interests, but studies indicate that allegations of domestic violence are often given scant attention and are sometimes ignored altogether.

Legal aid for domestic violence victims

When New Jersey women suffer abuse in their home, people think that a women's shelter will give them a way to escape. Although shelters provide an important service for domestic violence victims, access to legal support allows people to establish new lives free of abuse more effectively than any other form of assistance.

Mass shootings can be connected to domestic violence

While many couples in New Jersey have healthy, stable marriages, some relationships are deeply troubled. Some spouses identify these problems in their marriage and take action by seeking counseling and other support. In some cases, the problems in a relationship escalates to the point where a partner is the victim of abuse.

The serious problem of domestic violence

Unfortunately, many cases involving families include allegations and incidences of acts of domestic violence perpetrated by one partner on the other. Every year, tens of thousands of domestic violence incidents are reported in New Jersey, while countless others go unreported. Domestic violence can result in the serious injury or death of victims if nothing is done to stop it.

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