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Divorced parents in New Jersey can have success co-parenting

After a divorce, parents have different options when it comes to the custody of their children. One option is that they can choose to create a child custody agreement where they themselves decide which parent should have custody and when the other parent will have visitation rights. A second option is letting a court make the child custody determination in the best interests of the child. After either option is chosen, it is important for parents who are divorcing to find a way to co-parent together once they are divorced.

New Jersey asset management company helps finance divorces

Our New Jersey readers may not know that a new financing industry that has emerged within the legal field. It is called divorce financing, and it aims to give litigants who wouldn't normally be able to pay for their legal fees access to third-party funding. It generally comes into play when the opposing party is very wealthy and can afford to run up legal fees in an attempt to make their opponent give up.

Expert in domestic violence testifies in Arias murder trial

Readers in Newton, New Jersey have probably heard about the Jodi Arias murder trial that is currently taking place. The young woman faces a possible death sentence if she is convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. Recently, a domestic violence expert was called to the stand in an attempt to explain why there is no evidence or witnesses to support the defendant's claims that her boyfriend had been abusing her for months before she killed him.

New hope for New Jersey residents suffering from paralysis

Those in New Jersey who are suffering from paralysis may be interested to hear about a promising new experimental treatment being overseen by doctors in another state. The hope is that the treatment will be able to reverse the results of a spinal cord injury and may ultimately be able to cure paralysis.

New Jersey among states with child support laws for casinos

Gamblers in New Jersey may be surprised to find out that when they win big at a casino, they may not be walking away with all of their expected winnings. Due to "casino interception" laws, if gamblers owe any past due child support then the casino may have to withhold the amount they owe from their winnings.

Does lion attack raise safety concerns at New Jersey zoos?

In a story that has attracted considerable national attention, a young lady who had a passion for lions and other big cats died instantly after a lion swiped her with its paw. The young lady had recently graduated with a degree in biology and was spending much of her time volunteering at zoos and other preserves so that she could work with big cats up close.

Lawmakers renew domestic violence bill to curb spousal abuse

Generally, in places like New Jersey and throughout the country, families are who people go to for love and support. The unconditional love many relatives have for each other helps people get through the difficult times in life. Unfortunately, sometimes those difficult times are caused by a family member, such as a spouse. Whether a spouse is a victim of domestic violence, or falsely accused of it, it can be a challenging and stressful time for everyone involved.

Bills passed in New Jersey may help domestic violence victims

Victims of domestic violence are often put into difficult situations, causing them to feel trapped. It may seem impossible to find any solution using the law. Recently, the New Jersey State Assembly has recognized this, and in response has just passed two bills that may make it easier for victims of domestic violence to seek the help they need.

New Jersey man arrested on domestic violence and assault charges

As Sussex County, readers know, relationships can be very difficult at times. Sometimes arguments become heated and emotions rise very quickly, often resulting in an individual saying or doing something he or she may regret later. What results is sometimes characterized as domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very serious and troubling experience for anyone involved. Accusations of domestic violence should be taken seriously by authorities and the court.

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