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How car seats can prevent New Jersey child injuries

The purpose of car seats is to properly secure babies and children while they are travelling in a car. The New Jersey law dealing with car seats is applicable to those children eight years and younger who weigh less than 80 pounds. Proper safety for children is a priority for parents even when their children are under the supervision of someone else at school or at day care. Accidents involving children can be devastating, especially a car accident where a child is not properly secured in his or her car seat. Improper use of a car seat can lead to child injury or worse.

Bus accident in Washington Township involves driver

Parents with school-age children entrust bus drivers and schools with a responsibility to be safe and take care of their kids. A bus driver who is negligent in his or her duties may assume responsibility if a child is hurt in an accident. A significant injury to a child is a serious issue. New Jersey parents expect that a care provider or bus driver will behave in a reasonable manner. Carelessness can lead to a significant child injury.

Brooklyn accident a caution for Jersey commuters

Many Jersey residents commute into New York for work, fun and simply to visit cultural landmarks. From Central Park to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, there are many things to see and do. Unfortunately, for some New Jersey residents, travelling into New York means an increased risk of being involved in a crash. Road safety is important, but with high rates of congestion and inattentive drivers, sometimes no amount of safe driving can prevent an accident and a multi-car crash can lead to a spinal cord injury or permanent disability.

NFL player Derek Wolfe says seizure linked to spinal injury

A spinal cord injury can have long-term effects if not treated properly. People who suffer these injuries while at work or due to someone's negligence could see their health risks increase in the long-term. But, advances in science have made serious spinal cord injuries easier to live with, even though there can still be lingering side effects months or years down the road. Some side effects from a spinal cord injury even kept a player out of the Super Bowl.

Falls lead to more spinal cord injuries in New Jersey

One of the devastating parts of having a spinal cord injury is the unknown. An injury like that can have serious repercussions for your future. There have been advances in medicine, but, unfortunately, a serious injury involving your spinal cord can lead to permanent disability, lost income and a long road to recovery. Many accidents that end in a spinal cord injury can lead to high medical costs.

New Jersey teen defeats odds, walks again

A spinal cord injury due to a car accident can be devastating. It can affect a person's stability, sense of mobility and sometimes can even confine someone to a wheelchair. Advances in medicine are rapidly increasing, but care for spinal cord injuries can still be expensive and burdensome for victims and their families. A New Jersey resident involved in a car accident may be entitled to compensation for the expenses involved in spinal cord recovery.

WHO: 500,000 spinal injuries suffered annually

A spinal injury is an extremely difficult injury from which to recuperate. It can have long-term effects on one's entire body as rehabilitation teaches a whole new way of movement. The injury can limit mobility and lead to decreased muscle flexibility. Those suffering from a spinal cord injury may experience fatigue, poor coordination and tingling in the extremities. Fortunately, in New Jersey there are some financial options for a spinal injury that originated at work.

Spinal cord injury victim walks down aisle after car crash

Neck injuries caused by accidents can lead to paralysis and long-term rehab. A neck injury can damage tendons, muscles and the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury can cause limited mobility including paralysis, chronic pain and numbness in the extremities. Most spinal injuries happen along the top seven vertebrae of the neck. Many New Jersey residents who suffer neck injuries do damage to their vertebrae and are temporarily or permanently disabled. Damage to the spinal cord occurs typically in motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents.

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