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New Jersey lawmakers pass new alimony bill

When couples decide to end their marriage, various decisions need to be made. In addition to making their individual decisions regarding the divorce settlement, couples must deal with the impact of state laws on how certain issues are handled. When it comes to alimony, state laws can limit the length of time a spouse can receive spousal support following a divorce.

Sneaky tactics an ex-spouse may engage in

The end of a marriage can be a difficult and challenging time. For couples going through a divorce in New Jersey, emotions can be high and spouses may engage in behavior that may surprise their family. Snooping on an ex-partner is common to find out what they're up to, but these action might prove to be more harmful than conducive.

Child support does not cover everything

Parents in New Jersey who are going through a divorce know how many details and complications the proceedings can bring. Parents who are negotiating child support should keep in mind that child support does not support every need of the child. During the negotiations, parents should think about what additional expenses their child may have.

Is litigation right for your divorce situation?

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce know how many details are involved and how hard it can be to stay level-headed when there are so many emotions. Throughout divorce proceedings it may be confusing as to how the divorce will end.

NJ considering adding collaborative family law

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce may encounter many obstacles during the process. Proceedings can be different with each case. Anything that can help a divorce move along more quickly and with less complications can be a welcome addition.

Why everyone should have financial literacy before divorce

In some marriages, the reality is that one spouse may often take the lead on family finances. Sometimes, this means the other spouse may know very little about the bigger financial picture of the marriage. Unfortunately, when a divorce becomes a possibility, these spouses may have a harder time being prepared for the proceedings and eventual outcome.

Is divorce right for you?

Divorce for New Jersey residents is a huge deal. The decision of whether or not divorce is right for the relationship is not something that is taken lightly. For those who are contemplating whether the end of a marriage is something in the future, there are some steps to take to decide if divorce is the right decision.

This Valentine's Day: Is divorce on your mind?

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, many New Jersey residents have their dinner reservations in and are wrapping up the presents for their sweetheart. This time of year also brings out the feelings and emotions associated with those marriages not in the best shape. For those considering divorce, there are some things to keep in mind.

When your spouse makes financial threats during a divorce

What is a person to do when their spouse makes threats during a divorce? New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce know how emotionally challenging the situation can be. Many times there are disputes between spouses over countless items including finances, housing, children and so on.

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