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Deciding a child custody arrangement in New Jersey

A parent in New Jersey that has made the decision to divorce may question their ability to secure the best possible outcome for their children. They may have anxiety about the well-being of their family as they begin the process of separation and child custody arrangements. As a child custody agreement is debated between the parents, they may benefit from gaining an understanding of the issues that the children may experience as the divorce process moves forward.

Tips for handling a modern-day child custody dispute

New Jersey residents involved in child custody disputes may find that the traditional custody rulings have started to change. Historically, courts would award mothers full custody because mothers typically were the ones staying home and raising the kids. Mothers would receive child support and alimony from their ex-husbands while the ex-husbands would receive a few days of the month to spend with their kids.

Parent's questionable acts may impact child custody arrangements

Most parents going through child custody disputes hope that the judges hearing their matters see them in the best light possible. In New Jersey, family courts consider the best interests of the children affected by their decisions, and how the children's parents behave can influence who has physical and legal custody of the kids.

International child custody case ruled on by Supreme Court

In New Jersey, the decision of whether to award joint or sole physical custody is often highly disputed in court. The situation becomes further complicated when the parents live in different states, or even, different countries. However, the United States Supreme Court has recently issued an opinion which will make it possible for parents in the U.S. to have their day in court when dealing with a child custody dispute when the other parent lives abroad.

New law in New Jersey helps military parents with child custody

For many parents, dealing with child custody and visitation can be very stressful for the children and the parents. Often, there are difficult decisions to be made. Courts have to consider several factors when determining what is in the best interests of the child. This determination becomes further complicated when one of the parents serves in the military and has to spend significant periods of time away from their children while deployed. While a military parent's deployment used to be used against the parent in making child custody and visitation decisions, in New Jersey, that is no longer the case.

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