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Posts tagged "spousal support"

New Jersey lawmakers pass new alimony bill

When couples decide to end their marriage, various decisions need to be made. In addition to making their individual decisions regarding the divorce settlement, couples must deal with the impact of state laws on how certain issues are handled. When it comes to alimony, state laws can limit the length of time a spouse can receive spousal support following a divorce.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas file for divorce

Many New Jersey residents know how hard marriage can be, and that sometimes ending a marriage may be in the best interest of the family as a whole. Like any married couple, celebrities are not immune to divorce, and often the stress of a marriage in the spotlight can hurt even the best marriages.

Being financially ready for divorce

Now that spring has come most people in New Jersey do some sort of spring cleaning activity. Whether it's cleaning of the house, garden, or financial matters, it always feels good to have things in order. For those who are considering a divorce this year there are steps that can be taken to be prepared financially.

Which gets the tax exemption for children after a divorce?

Tax day is less than a month away. New Jersey residents who are divorced with children will need to figure out which parent gets to claim the tax exemption. Unless the parents agree otherwise, under IRS rules the parent who is the custodial parent gets the tax exemption for the minor children.

Keeping up with another high-profile divorce

The end of a marriage is always a sad event for New Jersey couples who assumed their marriage would last forever. Certainly no one foresees divorce on their wedding day. Still, for many couples it becomes a reality. Celebrities especially seem to have a tendency towards shorter marriages.

Dealing with Social Security during a divorce in New Jersey

Divorce and the end of a marriage among senior citizens here in New Jersey has been steadily increasing. Many seniors depend on Social Security benefits to fund part or all of their retirement. When a divorce occurs, many seniors wonder if they will still be able to collect their Social Security benefits. There are several things to think about when considering whether Social Security benefits will be available after a divorce.

When are experts needed in a divorce?

New Jersey residents dealing with family law issues know that there are many complicated facets of the proceedings. Child support, property division and alimony can be difficult to figure out for many couples. Experts can be helpful in many family law disputes, whether the issue is legal, financial or emotional.

It's splitsville for the Kardashian parents

New Jersey residents may know from experience that marriage is not always forever. And celebrities are certainly not exempt from broken marriage. Recently, Bruce and Kris Jenner of the Kardashian reality show fame announced that they are getting divorced.

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