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Child Support Archives

Federal agency aims to improve child support collection process

New Jersey parents who depend on payroll deductions to collect child support know that job switching can delay the payment process. The federal agency in charge of coordinating between state child support agencies and employers to facilitate deductions is taking steps to improve efficiency and shorten the timeline for initiation of the payroll deduction procedure.

Child support dispute between Kevin Federline, Britney Spears

New Jersey fans of Britney Spears may be aware of her success with a Las Vegas residency. It earned her about $15 million, but it has also caused her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, to request more than the $20,000 monthly she pays him in child support for their two sons.

Stevie J gets jail time for failing to pay child support

New Jersey fans of the TV show "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta" may be aware that star Stevie J has been involved in several child support disputes. Complicating the matter is that he has six children in multiple states. The youngest was born in December 2016.

Actor Jesse Williams to pay over $50,000 a month to ex-wife

The dramas portrayed on the hit television show "Grey's Anatomy" captivate viewers in New Jersey and around the country, but the divorce of one of the show's stars, Jesse Williams, has switched attention to his real life. A court has approved a petition from his ex-wife to raise his monthly spousal and child support payments from $33,242 to $50,695 per month.

After child support dispute, company sues Mel Gibson's ex

New Jersey fans of actor Mel Gibson might also have followed his disputes with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Grigorieva hired a forensic accounting firm to help her get more child support for the daughter she and Gibson share. As a result, Gibson pays $22,500 per month in child support.

$4,200 per month in child support ordered in Kodak Black case

New Jersey rap fans may know that Kodak Black has been in the middle of a child support battle for some time. The final orders were recently issued in the case, and Black will have to pay the mother of his 2-year-old son $4,200 per month.

Child support and health care not covered by insurance

New Jersey parents who are negotiating a child support agreement typically consider several different types of expenses. One category that should be addressed is that of uninsured medical expenses. These costs include medically necessary health care bills that are not covered under the child's insurance. These expenses may include dental or vision care bills, co-pays, deductibles and prescription costs.

Child support and wage garnishments

Some New Jersey workers may be among the 7 percent nationwide whose wages are being garnished. While employees may have their wages garnished because of student loans, consumer debt or taxes, the most common reason for wage garnishment is child support. These were the conclusions of a study released by the ADP Research Institute on Sept. 27. Usually, a court order garnishes wages until a certain debt or obligation is paid.

Importance of DNA testing for paternity

Paternity is a critical issue when it comes to matters of child support and visitation for unmarried parents. If a man is not married to the mother of a child, then that man is not presumed to be the child's biological father. Additional legal steps must be taken to establish paternity. When it is disputed, a New Jersey court will often turn to DNA testing to establish paternity. DNA tests are a proven method, with accuracy rates above 99 percent. There are many reasons to establish paternity and request DNA testing.

Seeking a modification to a child support order

When New Jersey parents split, one parent will likely be responsible for paying a certain amount in child support each month. This child support can be used by the children's primary caregiver to provide shelter, food, clothing and even entertainment for the children in addition to helping with other every day expenses.

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